How To Make A Palm Print For Your Palm Reading

close-up photography of person lifting hands

In order to read your palms accurately, I need clear outlines and palm prints of both of your hands. This is necessary for an accurate palm reading.

To make an outline of your hands you will need several sheets of A4 paper and the innards of a ballpoint pen or a very slim pen. Practice a few times to get the method. Place your right hand on the center of the paper in a relaxed and natural position. Hold the pen in an upright position and keep light pressure against the skin, then start to draw your outline. Begin at the wrist, about an inch below the palm, and draw carefully and slowly all around the palm and the fingers and thumb and down to the opposite side of the wrist.

Now place your right thumb flat on the paper beside the print and outline the flat thumb. Clearly mark the page with your name and Right hand. Then do the same for the left hand and thumb.

To make your palm prints you will need black water-soluble printing ink, a tile or something similar, A4 paper, some paper kitchen towels and an ink roller. Some people can obtain clear palm prints from a high performance photocopier. If this is available to you then you may use this method. Make sure you follow the instructions below.

  1. Place a few sheets of paper towel on a firm, even surface to make a soft base and then place a couple of sheets of A4 paper on top.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of the printing ink onto the tile.
  3. Roll the ink roller back and forth through the ink to spread evenly. The ink should be tacky, not wet. If the ink dries out before you are done then add a few drops of water to regain the tacky consistency.
  4. Remove any jewellry, roll sleeves up, then roll the roller firmly over the palm, fingers and thumb, inking the hand evenly.
  5. Place your relaxed hand on the sheet of paper. Press down fairly firmly, not too hard to smudge prints, making sure the palm, all fingers and thumb are in contact with the paper. Lift hand, if the print is clear and not smudged, proceed, if not try again. You may send me several prints if you are not sure of the clarity.
  6. Ink the thumb and make a clear print of the flat thumb beside the palm print.
  7. Wash hands well, dry and repeat with the other hand.

Make sure your prints are clearly marked with your name, date of birth, if you are male or female, and if it is the Right or Left handprint.

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