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Trance Channeling

Don’t try to reason with your heart – or feel with your mind…for, just as the heart knows no logic, the mind cannot lead you to your soul~

Trance Channeling is performed the same way as trance Mediumship except that the beings who want to communicate and share their insights with us here on earth, are Illuminated Universal Light Beings from a different universe/dimension.

To do this I allow my conscious self to turn off (Susan goes away, and the other being comes into Susan’s body) and I allow my body to be used as a vehicle for other beings who may or may not have lived in this world. This form of communication allows the Illuminated Universal Light being to use my body to communicate with those receiving the reading/messages. I (Susan) have no knowledge of what actually does come through, unless someone who is present tells me about it, or it is recorded.

Living in Sedona raised my energy vibration, the powerful vortex energy in which I was surrounded, helped me become all of who I truly am. One of these abilities is Trance Channeling illuminated beings. When a medium goes into a deep physical trance known as trance channeling, it is a form of possession. Airiana explains it as a crossover point, which is when psychic energy is pushing towards awareness. When this crossover happens it is immediate. Learn about the types of psychic abilities here.

One moment Susan is present and the next moment there is this illuminated being talking with my mouth, moving my head and body but it is uncannily different, and not the Susan I have known for over 50 years. In fact it is not Susan at all! This wonderful illuminated being emerges and is someone with a different voice, mannerisms and amazing energy. She doesn’t even think or rationalize like I do. She shares her insights with us and has answered questions for the past two and a half years.

During this initiation process I got to know my beings; their personalities, their voices, the mannerisms and likes and dislikes. Rob recorded with a video camera the sessions ( Which we can do for you as well) so that I got to know my Universal Beings as he did. The beings that come to speak to Rob and myself cut through illusion to reveal and heal the trouble spots in our life.

When I speak at psychic fairs, people have a very strong, positive reaction to Dream and Airiana they always want more! These beings are very dramatic speakers in their own right! Airiana and Dream have both had astounding accuracy in their readings for Rob and I and our clients. Rev. Susan channels several universal beings that are 100 percent accurate in their information.

Considering the tragic problems of planet Earth and inhabitants today, I welcome the voice(s) of sanity and solution offered by Susan Norgren. The illuminated beings who come through her begin where most of us have left off … guiding our thinking and feeling into loftier levels of psychological, philosophical, and metaphysical understanding … until, lo and behold, we begin to realize that maybe our planet is after all bearable and reasonable, even delightful! Our individual problems also are treated until we find them likewise transformed and resolved during such magical moments.

Personally I have witnessed and benefitted from sessions with various trance mediums since 1967, and I can testify that not all “channels” (as they now are dubbed in the “New Age”) are of consistently elevated stature. The beings of light who communicate with us through Susan not only provide the answers for which we are searching but also are themselves engagingly empathetic, humorous, and entertaining. We have our cake and eat it too … a delectable treat indeed.